Vision, Team, and the Values We Stand By

our story

Crafting the Lit-Tech Era: A Vanguard Story

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Years ago, we set out on a mission to reshape the legal landscape, starting with improving operational services for mass tort cases. However, this was just the beginning! With unyielding determination and an eye for innovation, we widened our horizons to encompass personal injury cases, and in doing so, we revolutionized the way law firms operate. Fueled by a passion for progress, we honed our skills and crafted proprietary technology that redefines efficiency.

Today, we proudly stand as pioneers, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions that set industry standards. Our commitment to excellence and our "Lit-tech" prowess empower law firms to navigate complexities with ease, propelling them towards unparalleled success. At Torticity, we are not just shapers of change; we are architects of a brighter future for the legal world. Together, we forge a path where technology meets justice, where innovation meets compassion, and where our clients and their clients alike are empowered to achieve greatness. Welcome to a realm of limitless possibilities, where we redefine the very essence of litigation excellence.


Fundamental Beliefs Guiding Our Path

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Client Commitment

Our clients remain at the heart of all our endeavors. We prioritize  building strong relationships and  go the extra mile to meet your needs. We don't merely offer services; instead, we function as trusted partners, expertly navigating the intricacies of litigation for both you and your clients.

Advancing Justice

At Torticity, justice is our foundation. As your Lit-tech partner, we advocate for fairness and transparency, providing innovative solutions that level the playing field for you and your clients. Together, we achieve equitable outcomes and foster your firm's success.

Technology Focus

At the heart of our success lies our unwavering focus on technology. We are driven by innovation, and continuously pushing boundaries.


Steering the Future of Litigation Tech:
Our Core Leadership

Tom Evans

Founder, Exec. Chairman

Shane Blain

Chief Executive Officer

Hoyt Neal

Chief Legal Officer

Joreda Topi

Chief of Staff

Debbie Carrick

SVP, Operations

William Seward

SVP, Technology

Olivia Tartan

VP, People & Culture

Uliana Pak

VP, Growth

Paul Liebman

VP, Business Development

our vision

Leading the Lit-Tech evolution: Delivering end-to-end solutions for law firms through a harmonious blend of services and innovation.


Revolutionizing the field of litigation, where technology, innovation, and justice intersect.

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Be part of a revolutionary team, redefining litigation excellence and empowering clients with cutting-edge solutions.

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