Tech-Powered, Data-Driven: The New Age of Lit-Tech Products

At Torticity, we transcend traditional litigation. By intertwining cutting-edge technology, insightful data, and our deep-seated expertise, we're pioneering a transformative approach to the industry.


Your Path to Transparent Case Management

The Claimant Portal is a user-friendly web app that promotes transparency and engagement. It empowers claimants to upload documents, and track their case progress in real-time, fostering a collaborative and informed experience.

Real-time case status updates to stay informed

Secure document upload functionality for easy submission

Case document repository for quick reference and retrieval

Intuitive, user-friendly experience that's responsive and accessible on various devices for convenience


Providing Law Firms Immediate Visibility Into Case Work

Brief, our law firm portal, provides real-time updates, centralized case management, effective client communication, and powerful search capabilities, ensuring seamless organization and productivity.

Centralized case management for easy access and organization

Real-time case updates to stay on top of progress

Synchronized case information such as case summary, findings, case documents, and more

Advanced search and filtering capabilities for quick information retrieval

Reporting and analytics to gain valuable insights

The Next-Gen Edge

AI and Data: Catalysts
for Unprecedented Case Management Success

At Torticity, we harness the extraordinary potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the boundless insights derived from data to revolutionize case management. Our forward-thinking approach propels us to new frontiers, where innovation meets excellence, to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We uncover hidden trends, enabling informed decisions and superior results

With rich data and advanced analytics, we enhance case quality, leading to optimal outcomes

Swift AI algorithms transform records into compelling narratives


Dockit: Our Behind-the-Scenes Powerhouse

Dockit is our proprietary advanced software designed with continuous improvement in mind. Powered by analytics, it optimizes every step of your case, from intake to retrieval and reporting.

Case tracking and status monitoring for better case management

Ability to scan up to 10,000,000 pages in 24 hours for rapid processing using optical character recognition

Automated record retrieval and intelligent record review for efficiency

Seamless transition between case stages based on completion of prior steps

Customizable intake solution

Embarking on a transformative journey in litigation requires the right partner.

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