Expertise Meets Efficiency: The Future of Mass Tort Services

We verify intake information to ensure accuracy and completeness. We gather essential case details like proof of use and proof of injury based on your established proven criteria.

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Engage with Confidence

Elevate Your Intake with Expert Verification


Seamless Retrieval and Insightful Review of Records

Torticity blends speed and quality, employing automated retrieval technology alongside expert medical professional reviews for efficient and high-quality legal case summaries.

Lead validation

We rigorously assess retained leads and their sources, validating claims through demographic analysis, documentation review, and third-party checks.

Record reviews

We meticulously analyze records, identify critical details, assess product impact, and create concise, page-referenced summaries for streamlined case review.

Record retrieval

We swiftly obtain vital records for mass tort cases using proven methods and advanced technology, saving law firms valuable time.

Practice and Partnership

Unified Case Guidance & Support: Cases Thrive and Clients Feel Valued

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Through our specialized support and case management tailored for mass torts, we prioritize clear communication and timely updates. We expertly manage deadlines, evidence gathering, and liaise with essential parties, all while providing compassionate guidance.

Our holistic approach ensures both swift case resolution and nurtures enduring relationships between law firms and their clients.


Crafting Successful Settlements: Services and Preparation in Perfect Harmony

At Torticity, we’ve blended the critical components of the litigation journey into one cohesive offering. Through this synergy, we ensure that every settlement is meticulously managed and supported by accurate, timely documentation.

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Discovery documents

We translate claimant data into court ordered discovery documents so you can file cases quickly.

Claim administration

Streamlining claims, we handle documentation and communication, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency.

Settlement management

From fund establishment to document drafting and lien resolutions, we handle every aspect with precision.

lien resolution

Settle with Assurance: Pioneering Lien Resolution Solutions

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Masterfully navigating the complex web of medical, Medicare/Medicaid, and other liens in mass tort cases, our team works diligently to negotiate and resolve these intricacies.

We empower law firms and their clients to optimize settlements, ensuring legal obligations are met without compromising on potential returns.

Embarking on a transformative journey in litigation requires the right partner.

Let's discuss how we can elevate your case strategy to new heights. Reach out to us today and experience the Torticity difference firsthand.

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