Mastering Lien Complexities: Expertise at the Forefront

Lien resolution refers to health insurers trying to recoup money they've spent on treatments related to injuries. This can take the form of reimbursements, subrogation, or direct claims. The specifics can vary based on laws and individual insurance plans.

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Our Refined Lien Strategy

Identify & Engage

Pinpoint the appropriate health insurance subrogation vendor and initiate conversations.

Thorough Assessment

Scrutinize treatment itemizations and contest discrepancies.

Legal Insight

Delve into contracts and prevailing laws, eliminating grey areas.

Negotiation Stance

Position every lien for effective negotiations.

Clear Payment Directions

Once settled, we provide clear next-step instructions.

Comprehensive Oversight

Beyond just liens, we address other interests in an injured party's settlements.

Documentation Precision

We ensure every necessary document reaches its designated place.

Holistic Lien Expertise

Whether it's ERISA, Medicaid, or specific liens of a mass tort, we've got it covered.

lien resolution

Settle with Assurance: Pioneering Lien Resolution Solutions

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Masterfully navigating the complex web of medical, Medicare/Medicaid, and other liens in mass tort cases and personal injury cases, our team works diligently to negotiate and resolve these intricacies.

We empower law firms and their clients to optimize settlements, ensuring legal obligations are met without compromising on potential returns.

Embarking on a transformative journey in litigation requires the right partner.

Let's discuss how we can elevate your case strategy to new heights. Reach out to us today and experience the Torticity difference firsthand.

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